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What is Advocacy?

 Advocacy is the process of speaking up for, or representing an individual or cause in order to promote, protect and defend the welfare of, and justice for, the most vulnerable members of our community.

In defining what advocacy means it is important also to understand what types of situations advocacy may be able to assist you with. Although these situations will vary depending on who you are and who you are dealing with, some basic scenarios are:

  • Other people (including service providers) have an obligation to you that they are not fulfilling;
  • Your basic human or legal rights are being ignored or violated;
  • You have a responsibility that is particularly difficult for you to carry out; or
  • You are being misunderstood or are having trouble understanding others.

Who can you contact to give you support or advice?

Friends, family and staff members can advocate on your behalf as informal advocates.

Queensland Advocacy Incorporated (QAI)

Ph:  3236 1590

Website: www.qai.org.au

Queensland Aged and Disability Advocacy Inc (QADA)

Ph: 36376000

Website: www.qada.org.au

Speak up for you Inc (SUFY)

Ph: 32551266

Web: www.sufy.org.au