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Kelly Trow

Workplace Health & Safety Officer

My name Is Kelly. I am the Workplace Health & Safety Officer for Inclusive Support Service.

I started my journey with Inclusive Support Service as a Disability Support Worker in 2016. In 2020 I decided to study a Cert IV in Work Health and Safety while still working as a Support Worker. Around the time of finishing my study, Inclusive Support Service were looking at hiring a Health and Safety Officer so I was fortunate to secure my position.

My role entails a lot of responsibility which is great as I love a challenge. I am extremely organised and pride myself on getting things done on time.  I have strong communication and observation skills which is essential in this role to ensure I assess and monitor the safety performance of a workplace and identify risks or hazards to staff and participants. At times I am required to assist participants by communicating with NDIS to advocate that the risk to them is reduced where possible.

 I am responsible for:

  • Incident reporting, hazard reporting and risk assessments
  • Work Cover Claims
  • NDIS Commission reporting
  • Organising the appropriate servicing for all our maintenance needs
  • Maintaining a safe environment for all our participants and staff members
  • Client Risk Matrix’s and a home safety checklist conducted on engaging with our service and renewed annually
  • Contribute to the development of the WHS Management Plan for the organisation
  • Ensuring all staff and participants are up to date with Covid-19 information
  • Develop WH&S policies and procedures and ensure that staff including volunteers and contractors are aware of, and abide by, all relevant health and safety procedures.
  • Acting as a role model by demonstrating safe work behaviours