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Learning Disabilities

We work with people with learning disabilities across North Brisbane, Moreton Shire, Sunshine Coast and Gympie regions. To plan the right kind of support, we work closely with each individual and the people that are important to them. In this way, they get the support the want, in the way they want. If you have mild to moderate needs, we know that basic support around core things such as housing, employment and leisure can make an enormous difference to your ability to lead a full life. Whether you need only a few hours of support each week, support every day, or 24 hour care – we will work with you to develop the perfect plan.

We can support you to:

  • Get a job or volunteer
  • Live independently – either on your own, with friends or family or in shared accommodation
  • Get out and about to meet new people and do new things in your life
  • Manage your household bills and money
  • Go on holiday
  • Keep in touch with the people who are important to you

How we will support you:

  • You will have choice and control at all times
  • If you can’t speak, we will work with you to find out how you like to communicate
  • Where possible we will work with you to choose your support staff so that they match your personality and interests
  • We will support you to keep safe and healthy
  • Your support plans will be regularly reviewed, so they we can adapt them as your needs and wishes change

To find out more about being supported by Inclusive Support Service, please use our online form to make a support enquiry.

Support Enquiry

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