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Person Centered Approach

We aim to support people in the way they want us to. To achieve this, we use a person-centered approach. Quite literally, putting a person at the center of their support.  Using a variety of tools and approaches, we first work to find out a person’s preferences, needs, aims and goals – basically, get to know them – then build a support plan around this. But, of course, it doesn’t end there – it’s an ongoing process. Continual monitoring, analysis and feedback ensure we adapt with the individual, to keep things on track. After all, nobody stays the same.

The Components:

  • We use a range of person-centered thinking and planning tools that help us to take a creative approach to problem-solving and to ensuring the best possible – and consistent – support.
  • We are pioneers in active support a way of supporting people that assists them to be engaged and participating in all areas of their life, thus fostering independence.
  • Our support focuses on what is important to the individual, at home, at work and in the community – the things they want to do in life – and what is important for them – for example, keeping safe and healthy.
  • Effective communication is central to our support – by listening carefully to what people say with their words or behaviour, we ensure that our support matches what they need.
  • We have a comprehensive range of policies and regularly audit our support services. We involve the people we support in checking our services too.
  • We have a robust complaints procedure. We treat all concerns and complaints seriously and will investigate if things go wrong. We aim to learn from our mistakes and make sure our support continually improves.

“..the more we care, the more beautiful life becomes..”