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The Planning Process

The NDIS advises that these steps will support participants to:

  1. Clearly communicate the NDIS role within the broader system of supports and services, including the role of the NDIS in providing support to people with permanent and significant disabilities.
  2. Support people with disabilities to access the right supports for their disability and circumstances, including applying for access to the NDIS funded supports where appropriate.
  3. Ensure people with a permanent and significant disabilities are referred to the access decision and receive a timely decision on access

There are 10 Key Steps how Inclusive Support Service can support you:

  1. Learn about the NDIS and how it fits in the broader system of supports.  Our management team will discuss the NDIS process and the services we provide.  If you are a new client, we can give you information to assist you in determining your eligibility.  Useful link:http://ndis.gov.au/about-us/publications/booklets-and-factsheets
  2. If you decide to proceed to access, we can provide you with information to help you through the NDIS pathway.
  3. When the NDIS advises you of access approval, Inclusive Support Service will provide information regarding service fees and service delivery.
  4. To understand current supports and prepare for planning, Inclusive Support Service will talk to you about the services we offer and how we can contribute to the planning process.  We can support you in preparing for your planning meeting.
  5. Create a plan to achieve goals and outcomes.  As you work with the NDIA to create a plan, Inclusive Support Service can attend the planning meetings with you and the NDIA representative.
  6. Received an approval plan, we can work with you to confirm the service delivery, set up a Service Agreement and provide you with a schedule of the supports we will provide.
  7. Activate and implementing your plan, we will ensure that our service meets your expectations.  We will ensure that the service is aligned with the goals you want to achieve.
  8. Use your plan to achieve outcomes.  Our Team will work with you to enable you to meet the goals in your plan.  Our aim is to provide a service that delivers what you want to do and when you want to do it.
  9. Getting support using your plan.  As you progress through your plan period, we can provide support and advise about any changes you may require to your services or overall plan content.
  10. Reviewing outcomes and progress.  When your plan is due for review ( usually after 12 months), we can assist you with information to take to your planning meeting.  We will work with you to help identify and/or amend the goals for your next plan.  Useful link:http://ndis.gov.au/participants/reviewing-your-plan-and-goals