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Vision, Values and Mission

Vision, Value & Mission


Providing people with disabilities the opportunity to live the life of their choice to their fullest potential.


Inclusive places all children and adults in our service at the heart of all our values and beliefs.  Inclusive recognises the rights of every individual to participate in society and to be an integral part of the community.  We place a significant value on being open, accountable and transparent in all our dealings both with participants and their families.  Inclusive works to support each individual to be independent by adopting a person centred approach.


Inclusive Support Services’ mission is to recruit and retain skilled, empathic and interested staff who view their employment as a profession.  To form and engage valued partnerships within the community to enable opportunities for individuals we support.  To remain informed of current events and changes for the sector.  To plan for those events and changes; and to be accountable to all stakeholders.